Peter Furler & Phil Joel

100+2 Chicago August 9, 2024 Chicago, IL
funl closes in

Join us for an intimate evening of song & story. This event is limited to only 100 tickets.

We are using Funl to help us fairly select the 100 guests that will be joining us. Funl is an event creation platform that combines an auction element to determine the final ticket price … sort of like eBay.

The “100+2” Funl bidding will close July 30, 2024 at 7pm Central Time.

When the bidding ends the 100 highest bidders will join us!

Current Bid Leaders
4 Nanabanana
5 vdaday731
6 vdaday731
7 Berbe64
8 Berbe64
9 Berbe64
10 Aaronmac1989

When will I know if this event is happening?
Funl exists to help event creators determine demand before putting on an event. This allows them to dream up unique events, discover the demand, and decide if the demand is enough to make the event happen.

Once the Funl closes, the winners of the Funl will be notified if the event is happening or not, and what the final ticket price will be.

Explain in greater detail how the ticket bidding works. How will I know if/when I secure a ticket for the event?
Bidding will close July 30, 2024 at 7pm Central Time.

If the Funl is funded and you are in the top 100 bidders, you'll only be charged the lowest bid out of the top 100. For example, if your max bid is $100, but the Funl ends with the lowest bid out of the top 100 being $50, everyone in the top 100 pays $50 for their ticket.

You will be notified by email if another fan outbids you. If you are outbid you can still decide to increase your bid.

By placing a bid, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service

How and when will I be charged for the event?
If you are one of the 100 highest bidders when the Funl ends you will be required to pay the winning bid amount by credit card.

How many tickets can I purchase?
You can purchase as many tickets as you’d like!

Where in Chicago is the Funl event being held?
The winners of the Funl will be notified of the location and time of the event.

I have more questions, is there someone I can talk to?
Yes! You can email us at [email protected]