Peter Furler & Phil Joel

50+2 Detroit July 6, 2024 Detroit, MI
How the waitlist works. Pricing is based on demand. The waitlist is your second chance to attend a Funl with this creator. The more fans want to attend, the more the price per ticket increases. If you already made a bid during the funl, you will automatically be added to the waitlist with your max bid. You can still update your waitlist max bid. If necessary, the creator will invite fans based on their waitlist bid. No one in the Funl waitlist is charged unless they accept an invite from the creator.
Join the waitlist. You can get in the Funl waitlist for as little as $1, but the creator will invite from the waitlist starting with the highest bids. Your best shot at getting invited from the waitlist is to provide your maximum waitlist bid. The final price of the waitlist tickets will be determined at the time of the Funl waitlist invite. You will only receive an invite when there are tickets available AND the waitlist ticket price is less than or equal to your maximum waitlist bid. Funl keeps your maximum waitlist bid amount hidden from other fans on the waitlist.